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Where and when did ' Ō  P  U  A   N  O  A really start? To backtrack a bit, I'll begin with my journey on becoming a mom to my little bundle of joy. Noa Cloud.

My husband and I have suffered from infertility for 6 long years. Those times have been really devastating for us. We've tried everything. But a heartbreaking aftermath has always been the conclusion to us "trying". At times, giving up seems to be the only option I have. But, I thank God for helping me become stronger despite these challenges in my life. And I thank myself for the unyielding faith that never dimmed, but rather, gleamed brighter after all the tribulations I have witnessed. It's true what they say, miracles do happen everyday and especially when you least expect it.

I was that person who always found herself lost in the aisles of baby clothing and loves fashion. I have always daydreamed of the day I would be able to dress up my own child. When God finally decided to give us our miracle "Noa Cloud", I was ecstatic. I couldn't contain my happiness. Especially when I found out that we were having a boy. I've always noticed that baby boys don't get a lot of love when it comes to clothing and there are very limited options with modern baby clothing. This sparked an idea to start a company that provides a variety of fashionable clothes for all genders. I want everyone to experience that same blissful feeling I get when I shop, dress, and style my baby. 

' Ō  P  U  A   N  O  A  is for the parents out there that deserve to feel the joy of inclusivity for their baby.

Lastly, this company is built with the mission to support a community of couples who are suffering from infertility, which I am a part of. 5% of our sales (hoping to give more in the future) will be donated to

"Defiantly Hopeful"- an organization that gives grants for couples to continue with their costly treatments/adoption process. I know how hard it is to be left with no option when it comes to financing treatments and processing adoptions. It is my greatest honor to share this with you. And I pray for the day to come that you will be able to experience that same warm feeling of dressing up your child, that you have waited and prayed for so long. Remember, you are all loved and heard.



' Ō  P  U  A     N  O  A

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